Going back in history to 387, which is the milestone marking the birth of St. Patrick, the patron saint of the Irish people. He is the one who brought Christianity to this island. Although this is a great Irish holiday, St. Patrick was born in Kilpatrick, Scotland. However, when he was only 16 years old, he was captured in a raid and sent to Wales to live as a slave.
During this time, he learned the customs and language of the natives. In the most difficult and turbulent time of his life, he turned to God. Legend has it that, when  Patrick was 20 years old, God appeared in his dream and  advised him to go to the seashore. He was able to escape by following the instructions.
At this point, sailors found him and brought him back to England, where he was once again reunited with his family. However, Ireland was always beckoning him back in his dreams, so Patrick decided to officially convert. He was ordained a bishop and returned to the Emerald Isle in March 433. From this time until his death, St. Patrick traveled all over Ireland to preach and preach to all. .
So why has an Irish holiday become so popular in Canada? There are really two main reasons why Saint Patrick’s Day is celebrated in Canada with great enthusiasm, namely: Irish immigration and the time marking the beginning of Spring.

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The first reason is explained as follows:  Irish people not only immigrated to Canada, but also moved where they live to many countries in North America and Europe. The people who are famous for their friendliness, now bring their holidays and cultural characteristics to travel and import into other civilizations around the world, making Saint Patrick the saint head for wherever they go.
In Canada, the majority of Irish immigrants are probably concentrated on Prince Edward Island. According to recent statistics showing that 35% of the people living on this island are of Irish blood or descent. On this island also exists an organization called  Benevolent Irish Society (B.I.S). The organization, founded in  1825 to help settle the Irish, now continues to spread and preserve Irish culture on the island.

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Besides, for the second reason, in the Canadian mind, March 17 has the same role as Easter, a milestone marking the end of the cold winter and the beginning of a new spring. . Saint Patrick’s Day is now the occasion to celebrate the end of a harsh time, the beginning of a warm spring.
From the above two main reasons, it can be seen that, although St. Patrick’s Day is an Irish holiday, it has become popular in Canada. If you travel to Canada on this holiday, you will easily notice that Canadians are preparing to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with streets filled with decorative green and clover symbols. At this time, every street and street corner seems to be dyed blue. From people to objects, food… all of them put on a blue outfit. Some people even decorate their faces, clothes, and objects with clover, some choose for themselves a mischievous elf hat, or there are places where people even dye a river green. monuments and even the ski area turned green.
For the Irish, blue also symbolizes love for the country or religious beliefs, from old people wearing blue scarves and blue badges, girls wearing blue mane to boys and girls wearing costumes. cute dress also a blue color. Originally, the Irish wore green because they believed it made them invisible to leipreachán trolls, and anyone caught by leipreachán would be pinched.

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Major events taking place to celebrate the festival include the Saint Patrick’s Day Parade in Toronto – one of the largest parades in North America. Appearing since 1988, up to now, the parade has reached a scale including 100 organizations, 32 Irish associations, 2000 marchers, 30 floats, 14 bands and many impressive numbers. other statue.

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In Montreal, people also celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with an equally monumental parade, dating back to 1824. St. Patrick’s Day is probably also the day when the demand for alcohol is pushed to the highest in the city. city. Canada. Restaurants and bars are always crowded on this day. Even the police force has a hard time punishing drunk drivers who still love to drive.
There are also opinions to make St. Patrick’s Day an official Canadian national holiday. Part of the reason can also be mentioned that the rate of students taking leave on this day has increased dramatically compared to other occasions. If this holiday can be integrated into the long March holiday, perhaps it will reduce drinking and focus more on family values.
In addition to Saint Patrick’s Day, Canada also has many unique cultural festivals waiting for visitors to experience. So what are you waiting for, do not book Viet Viet Tourism’s Canada tour now to have the opportunity to participate in these special festivals?